Job Description

We are a progressive, cloud-based, high-end Landscape Management Company. We are continuing our growth and we are searching for a candidate who has previous high-end Landscape Maintenance experience and is seeking the opportunity to be a part of our long term Team.

Our clients are high net worth individuals and/or they live in communities that maintain stringent landscape management standards. This is not your “normal” Landscape Company. We are professionals, highly educated and we treat our clients with white-glove service and understand and appreciate that they pay a premium for our services.

The Landscape Maintenance Production Manager is a salary, supervisory Landscape Maintenance position responsible for ensuring execution of efficient crew production, job quality and Team member safety. This key operational position plays an instrumental role in the achievement of the company’s overall vision, vision, and gross profit margin. This position has very little client engagement but instead is the “right-hand person” for the Account Manager. Meeting production budgets and job sequencing is two of the biggest responsibilities of the position.

Vision Landscapes is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


  • Have at least a three-year experience as a crew leader with demonstrable leadership skills.
  • Ability to speak industry Spanish/English or better (Bilingual)
  • Must have a high school diploma or GED and/or achievement of appropriate Green.
  • Industry education and or experience.
  • Have a total of five (5) years combined experience in the green industry.
  • Knowledge and field experience in job sequencing.
  • A current valid drivers license and eligible to drive under our insurance requirements.

Responsibilities :

  • Manages and directs employees engaged in landscape maintenance operations.
  • Trains and repeatedly follows up on job sequencing.
  • Assures all jobs are performed on budget on an annual basis.
  • Sets challenging goals for multiple field Teams.
  • Clarifies daily expectations received from Account Manager and explains them to Team Leaders.
  • Helps Team Leaders comply with all company procedures, i.e. paperwork submittals, etc.
  • Treats others with respect, collaboration, and support in such a way that work relationships are improved and morale is increased.
  • Communicates well with others and keep a positive spirit in the workplace.
  • Ensures all team members are properly trained and certified
  • Have well trained professional Teams that work together effectively and efficiently.
  • Sees that training programs are available to the team members and that certifications are obtained and stay current
  • Provides on-going, regular coaching and mentoring to all team members.
  • Provides on-site, timely training to optimize the efficiency of equipment and tools used on jobs.
  • Ensures that all aspects of the company’s safety program comply with standards.
  • Role models safety principles in the yard, while driving, and on the job site.
  • Understands the contribution safety makes to employee well being, team efficiency, and gross profit margins
  • Keeps worker’s comp and liability claims to a minimum but enforcing high standards of safety for self and others.
  • Goal is No accidents with people or vehicles that will result in a low workers compensation MOD rate and put the company in line for safety awards.
  • Conducts and/or supervises weekly tailgate meetings with crews.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $45,000.00 – $48,000.00 per year